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Puma Basket mids

Well they are finally up! Daily customizing beaters, I tried a few things here and there, unfortunately I messed up on the glue line because I wanted to try something different, but I’ll have it fixed for next time, click on the picture for a more detail description and more pics!:


General Update

Hello Everyone! I’ve been a bit low key for a while, I’ve been working on the past few months on several projects. I have updated my order page in case if it catches anyone’s interest and I’ve been remaking my site, which might not be completely done for a few weeks. I’m trying to update all of my sites to make them a bit more easier to use, but it might take me a few weeks to get everything the way I want. For the meanwhile here is a few updates:

I actually forgot to post these up on the site even though I had them up on facebook and flickr for a bit:

I also finished a puma “basket” mid, which I somehow procastinated on taking pictures, and I’m also working on a puma Liga from the early 1990s, I think another name they have is Puma 90s, either way here’s some “teasers” for both:


CVTD C100 Release

CVTD at Chicago recently released a shoe I designed for them, we put a good amount of time and effort into this project and I’m happy that it went well for them. There were several revisions but the end results turned out good, if you like what you see, hit them up at their site:


Late on this, but the mints were done

I’ve had a busy couple of months and haven’t had a chance to update the site in a bit. Foremost, I finished up the mind N-SB dunks, heres a pic of them:

Heres the link to the album, again thanks to Mario Garcia for the pictures:

Later today I will post up more pictures that I took in the process, I hope to start getting some new work done in the following weeks, so I’ll post more often.