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General Update

Hello Everyone! I’ve been a bit low key for a while, I’ve been working on the past few months on several projects. I have updated my order page in case if it catches anyone’s interest and I’ve been remaking my site, which might not be completely done for a few weeks. I’m trying to update all of my sites to make them a bit more easier to use, but it might take me a few weeks to get everything the way I want. For the meanwhile here is a few updates:

I actually forgot to post these up on the site even though I had them up on facebook and flickr for a bit:

I also finished a puma “basket” mid, which I somehow procastinated on taking pictures, and I’m also working on a puma Liga from the early 1990s, I think another name they have is Puma 90s, either way here’s some “teasers” for both:


Recent happenings

I was working on a Janoski a couple of weeks ago, but I had to put a pause on it because of some essays I’m doing for school. I do have to continue with a paid order I received as well(I’m not currently taking orders though), so here’s some pics of what I did today, mostly printing and clear coating.

I will continue with the Janoskis after I’m done with the essays and the portfolio.