74 – Air Jordan 2 – Halftone Red/Red/White

Custom # 74
Date Made: 04/18/2010
Method Used: Reconstructed
Able To Remake? No

Info: Air Jordan 2 – Halftone Red/Red/White – I was approached by Sneaker Con to work on some Jordans for their exhibition. I was really proud have been chosen since they were only working with 10 other customizers besides myself, the best of the best. When I was told that my Jordan of choice(the 1s) had been taken, I looked around at my options and decided to go with the 2s, they have a great shape which I started to like even more once I actually had them in hand. When I finally got my pair I started to brainstorm how I was going to go about with it, customized Jordans are really hard to do since its very easy to have it look fake. A lot of people tend to do some crazy looking doodles/colorways or contraptions on it that even though might have some meaning behind it, it still doesn’t look right on a Jordan. From there I decided to stay within the regular Bulls colors and pull something that could have been seen on the court, but with my own take on it. I inspected my pair further and noticed it had a mini Halftone print on it, so I took that and decided to blow it up. In the end I came up with a upper built around red reflective material with a halftone print that would in a way to give the shoe flow, I mixed in white patent leather and black leather vinyl and finish it off I added some lenticular material on the original halftone piece in order to really make it transition from different colors. In the end I came up with a pair that I’m sure even Jordan himself would have worn on the court.

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