78 – Converse Poorman Weapon – Black/Tactical

Custom # 78
Date Made: 07/12/2010
Method Used: Reconstructed
Able To Remake? Yes

Info: Converse Poorman Weapon – Black/Tactical. I’ve always wanted to do a custom poorman weapon since I saw the shoe for the first time, when I was finally able to find one for a decent price I snatched one to make myself a pair, I looked around on military boots to see what I could find and found Vietnam Jungle boots. So this is my take on them with of course my own twists, featuring tactical tigerstripe nylon, black leather vinyl, black duck canvas and my own tiger stripe camouflage liner. To finish it off I added my logo on to the tongue, embroidered the border around the chevron star, and added “TACTICAL” and “TIGER” on the sides. A shoe for my secret camouflage love.

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