87 – Puma Basket Mid – Natural/Distressed Gold

Custom # 87
Date Made: 11/15/2015
Method Used: Reconstructed
Able To Remake: Yes

I’ve been wanting to use this materials for a long time, so I finally used it on a Puma basket mid. This was a certain experiment on a few things, first I used a suede leather for the lining and for the insole as a test to see how it would hold out with frequent use as an “everyday” shoe. I also made my own insoles using a “sandwhich” of EVA foam/cork/suede which so far has molded really well to my feet so I will start using this technique for the rest of my shoes.  I had a few problems with the shoe however, I originally took this shoe apart a few years ago before I started making last from the shoes before disassembling them, so I had to experiment with other lasts. Surprisingly the last for a “low top suede” didn’t work for this pair, so I ended up using a Nike janoskis last for it, for that reason it has more of a roomy toe. Another thing I experimented with this was a different gluing technique, which was to glue both the upper and the sole  separate, but I wasn’t able to match them up as I had originally paired them, so I’ll go back to my old technique.