Recent happenings

I was working on a Janoski a couple of weeks ago, but I had to put a pause on it because of some essays I’m doing for school. I do have to continue with a paid order I received as well(I’m not currently taking orders though), so here’s some pics of what I did today, mostly printing and clear coating.

I will continue with the Janoskis after I’m done with the essays and the portfolio.

Continuation on the “inverted” portfolio piece.

Its been taking me a bit longer then I really wanted with this, but it was due to having been called in to work on days that were meant to be free for me, so its not that I was lazy this time around. I’m hoping to have much more free time to work on this coming week. So far with the “inverted” piece, I finished up the spear top that I was having problems with the last time I posted, with the help of the perspective exercise I have been doing the past couple of months, I fixed up a little perspective problem I had with it. I finished up the two vellum traces of it, which I will now have to transfer into the Bristrol. From there I will have to fill up everything with markers, this is how it looks so far:

Just to give an idea of how far I wanted to go with this, this is the old piece I had done a couple of years back, I didn’t spend a great deal of time on it like I did with these, so I hope the dedication and time spent shows when I’m done:

In case anyone hasn’t seen the blazers yet, I finished them up and took some pics:

For more pics check out the album:

I already started on the next shoe, but since I spent so much time working at Starbucks during the weekend. I have to go ahead and dedicate more time towards the portfolio, so I won’t be able to work on the next shoes till Wednesday I believe, on that night you can expect an update regarding that. Thanks for reading!




Still working…

Its been a bit since I posted, its not that I’ve been lazy and not worked on anything, I just been to lazy to type haha! Anyways about two weeks ago I gave up on the cross hatch piece I was doing, it was just taking too long for a single artwork and it was extremely boring to do. I might work on it later again, but I will leave it as a last piece to do so that I can get other things done. Apart from that I did stop working on the portfolio for a bit, I took a week off from work to focus on it, but ended up working more on the pair of blazers and learning illustrator more then anything. Yesterday and today I finally did do some work with it though. Yesterday I studied some proportions for the human head and today I finally got to work on a rough sketch for the next piece I gotta do. Heres the piece I came up with:

On the left is the initial rough, rough sketch, and then on the right is the working piece, the only thing I have left to work on it is to refine the top of the pole, from there, tomorrow I will retrace it again and put it on a piece of bristol, from there I have to do an inverse of the image with the marker again, thats why there is only half of the face.

Now with the blazer, I’m pretty much done with it, I gotta fix a little piece in the morning, but it will be quick, I’m hoping to go get the shots done on tuesday:


Aside from this, my friend FALSEQUEST got a new shoe done, sick stuff, check it out over at his site: WWW.FALSEQUEST.COM

Continue with the work.

Sorry for the lag on the update, I have been working on the blazers for most part of this week.  About a week and a half ago I finished up all of the black parts in the the “cross-hatch” piece for the portfolio, here is the two side by side:

That was probably on Friday night, August 26. I went to work afterwards and on Saturday I decided to take a break from the portfolio and work on the blazers, I had a hidden stitch idea which I tried out for them, but it didn’t work out, then I took a shot at a different way to go about it, but that too failed, its just that at certain points the edges would have gotten way too thin to work with. Unfortunately I spent that weekend with that fail since I tried to work with those two experiments and as I said previously it didn’t work.  On Sunday afternoon, I though it out some more and decided to go back to the original quilting idea, so for the most part of this week I had been working on that. I also finished up the embroidery for the heels. So here is the proof:

That is it for the night, the plan for tomorrow is to continue with the “cross-hatch” piece for the portfolio, I have not worked on it this week so I gotta dedicate some time for it. On Sunday I will probably continue with the blazers. That is it for now, I’ll update you guys as I go.